The existing house was formerly a classic example of the Shingle Style, much of whose original character had been erased in subsequent renovations. What details remained, particularly on the exterior, became templates for the detailing of the new work. The house was almost entirely gutted, and while the original footprint remained more or less intact due to conservation restrictions, the third floor volume, in particular, was reconfigured to allow existing spaces on the upper level to take fuller advantage of spectacular views, from Woods Hole to the west to the open ocean to the east. On the ocean side, the third-floor study was detailed in the manner of a wooden boat for the owner, a former naval officer.  Downstairs, the main stair was relocated from the center of the main volume to the street side, allowing for a new kitchen and dining area to be open to the ocean. In this way, within the more traditional character of the exterior, the owners' wish for a more contemporary lifestyle was accommodated. An extensive porch wrapping three sides of the living space connects the house to the lawn, the bluff, and the ocean. 

(Photos: David Welch)