We believe that the practice of architecture is primarily the art of making places, not of making objects; and that intelligently made these places can inspire us to live within them with joy and a sense of well-being.  Among our tools in this work are inspiration and analysis, poetry and technology, space and material.

We believe that architecture, like any other art, is about spirit rather than substance, and that a work of architecture can be understood both as an autonomous object and as a part of a larger order of things, dependent for its life on its culture, its site, its program, its inhabitants. We believe that architecture reaches its point of greatest resonance when both of these qualities, of autonomy and dependency, are clearly evident.

The following images are intended to convey these ideas as they have found expression in our work, through the accommodation of site, program, budget, and the various contexts – physical, cultural, historical - within which the project may be understood to reside.